JURÍDIA General guidelines on preventive consumer law in digital advertising

Lineamientos generales JURÍDIA sobre derecho preventivo del consumo en la publicidad digital




The following are the structural premises of preventive law that each business digital advertising must fulfill in order to be legally valid (its form of compliance and harmony depends on the variables, formal and material, of each case):



  • It must be ensured that its creation, communication and attention is in accordance with the general and special rules that apply to it based on its form, content and effects.



  • It must be ensured that the legal nature of the product being promoted is known so that can be offered and fulfilled validly. This means that the offer communicates all the information that governs it and that when it is accepted by a consumer she / he obtains everything that is offered to her / him.



  • It must be ensured that each consumer profile receives, perceives and understands validly. This means: that it is not communicated through unlawful means and that a language agreement between the company and the consumer is achieved.



  • It must be ensured that the entire system of business digital advertising has a harmony with the rules that apply. That is to say: that each and every one of the analog and digital variables, both formal and material, reflect their legal duty.




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This work was created on June 30, 2018, by Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora


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