Legal education on artificial intelligence

Our legal knowledge (legal update) services for lawyers/legal teams clarifies how the law applies and must be complied with in relation to artificial intelligence (AI).


We specialize in teaching (training) the legal sector (specifically to lawyers -law firms, legal departments, lawyers’ teams, teams of lawyers, lawyers’ work teams, the legal team works, the teamwork of lawyers, of firms/institutions/persons/organizations-), we focus on explaining how legal validity exists, we clarify how the legal must be -the duty to be legal- (the law) exists!

We improve the knowledge of the legal sector, we give legal precision

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It is important that lawyers update their knowledge so that they are always legal professionals capable of attending to the elements of legal relationships (in this case, in terms of artificial intelligence).

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A lawyer with this knowledge is able to decipher how artificial intelligence should be attended to so that it exists in a legally valid way (that is, complying with the law) thanks to knowing how it applies the law in AI.

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Lawyers update their knowledge and acquire skills on the way in which legal rights and duties exist in relation to AI and how to address it based on a valid self-regulation (diligent, forceful) legally.

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Lawyers from all over the world can provide feedback on their vision of law and practical capacity regarding the form of the duty to be legal and its attention (compliance) to the extent of the legal relationship involving (linked to) artificial intelligence (AI).

We clarify the law

Evolve as a lawyer by learning our high-level legal knowledge!