What do we do?

We do not create good but clarify its existence by explaining how the legal principles apply to AI. This shows how good AI is.

We clarify the general principles of law before artificial intelligence (AI) so that teams/organizations know how rights and duties apply to AI.

We explain how Legal Diligence/Legal Validity/Compliance exists/applies regarding AI.

What legal principles regarding AI do we teach? The following general principles of law about AI: definition of law, legal validity, legal certainty, legal validity, legal diligence, legal compliance, good faith, responsibility, liability, recognition, protection, permission, prohibition, capability, possibility, enforcement, suitability, foreseeability, freedom, limitability, dignity, due process, judgement, reasonableness, justice, development, well-being, privacy, safety, trust, sustainability, transparency, explainability, communication, evolution, simplicity, risk management, rule of law, legality, legal system, legal order, legal categories, legal regime, quality, characterization, legal qualification, legal decipherment, systematization. contextualization, humanization, automatability, accuracy, consistency, truth, dispute resolution, coexistence, feasibility, completeness, purpose, non-profitability, profitability, care, creation, usability, control, maintenance, compatibility, actionability, harmonization, proactivity, anticipation, rest, continuity, interactivity, strategy, tactics, management, necessity, sufficiency, non-hierarchization, complementation, collaboration, solidarity, guarantee, goodness, stability, improvability, importance, meaning, focus, manageability, proficiency, self-sufficiency, articulation, coincidence, reality, theory, practice, solution, perfectibility, proofs, prudence, gradualness, innovation, creativity, accomplishment, universality, totality, uniqueness, means, results, principles, rules, norms, foundations, legal relationship, case, optimization, effectiveness, vitality, experience, exercise of rights and duties, good, clarity, equality, reference, organization, cleanliness, deproblematization, clarification, simplification, wisdom, pragmatism, achievability, and peace.

Through these principles we explain/clarify/decipher what is the law and how to comply with what is defined in its whole regarding artificial intelligence (AI) to specify/show/teach/understand/know how rights and duties apply to AI.

We act worldwide, to organizations!

We Legally Perfect Teams/Organizations/People Regarding AI!

We Are Registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Business Identification Number (BIN): 1000258746 – JURIDAI (JURIDical+AI=), General Principles of Law regarding AI, With us, your team/organization know how rights and duties exist in AI

Derecho - Jurídia

Effectiveness, security, and legal validity! We provide clarity. Let’s simplify. Organizations evolve with us!

We teach to teams/organizations/groups how Legal Effectiveness exists. We clarify to them how rights and duties exist. With us, Teams/Organizations become Masters of Legal Validity. We clarify the law. We explain what is defined in the whole of the law. Teams/Organizations Understand the Law with Us. They become able to know how the fulfillment of the law exists. On a general level and concerning artificial intelligence (AI)¡

We explain the General Principles of Law in relation to AI! We are JURIDAI! We are law, regarding AI!

Our founder

Prof. Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Prof. Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Founder of JURIDAI

Ph.D. in Law and certified as a Postdoctoral Fellow, he clarified The General Principles of Law (in general and in relation to Artificial Intelligence, A.I.).

Founder of JURIDAI – Legal Training to Teams/Organizations Regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora created the company with the intention of combining his two great passions, teaching and well-being.

To spread his/our/the knowledge about how to achieve a better world.


General Principles of Law in relation to AI – JURIDAI

How do we want to be known? What will be our legacy?


To be the leading company in deciphering/clarifying/simplifying the way in which the general principles of law exist (at a general level and in terms of artificial intelligence, AI).


To improve the world by deciphering/clarifying/explaining/simplifying how rights and duties exist (in general and regarding artificial intelligence, AI).

– Ease (making/being the general principles of law easily understood/understood/known/learned)
– Clarity
– Simplification
– Well-being
– Comprehensibility (make/be the general principles of law easily understandable/understood/known/learned)


We show how the general principles of law apply to artificial intelligence (AI)