Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Innovator. Simplifier-Optimizer-Clarifier. Lawyer. Master in Law and Information Technology. Master in Telecommunications Law. Master (LL.M.) in Commercial Law. Doctor (Ph.D.) in Law. Degree accredited for Canada by World Education Services (WES). Certified Postdoctoral in Law with his research The Theory of Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising Tailored to Consumer Profile © at Alma mater studiorum University of Bologna – Alma mater studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy, Europe). Jury for the First Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation Organized by the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, ICAS. He Clarified Commercial Marketing Good Practices’ Form of Existence. Facilitator, Scholar, Researcher, Writer and International Lecturer. Founder of JURÍDIA, a training center for optiziming companies’ marketing effectiveness (