By: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora, JURÍDIA’s Founder

JURÍDIA – Legal Artificial Intelligence (AI) Products and/or Ideas Deciphering Services


Our artificial intelligence (AI) products and/or ideas deciphering services (detect and communicate) are focused on taking care of the contracting/hiring (public or private sector) organization -located anywhere in the world- because through them we indicate to it (to the organization) how the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties can exist (exist) regarding the/each AI product and/or idea involved.

Therefore we will clarify to the contracting/hiring organization how to take care of it and, consequently, of all the (natural -physical- and legal -moral-) persons -that is, of all the humans and organizations- and (properly, how to take care of all the human beings -how to take care of each human being- and, in general, of all the -human and non-human- being -subjects and objects-) related to it -that is, related to the hiring/contracting organization- regarding each AI product and/or idea involved.

This is why when there is a good organization (when there is a legally valid organization -that is, when an organization exists in a good way, that is, in a way in which the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties exist facing it; that is when there exist the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties regarding an organization; that is when there is the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties to the extent of an organization-) each person related to it (including the organization’s person) exists in a good way and, properly, exists based on good’s existence.

This is why when an organization is (exists) good everything related to it exists based on good because the organization enjoys its rights and fulfills its duties and this permits the persons related to it to enjoy their rights and fulfill their duties when each of those persons enjoys the rights and fulfills the duties tailored to each situation related to the AI product and/or idea involved.

In conclusion, when each person exists good all the persons exist good. There is good. Well-being. So good AI exists when there is the fulfillment of duties and enjoyment of rights facing it (to the extent of each situation’s facts related to it) thanks to the existence of the good organizations, the good persons related to it (to the organization), and, properly, (thank to) the fact that each person related to the AI’s (product and/or idea) way of existence exists good (that is, in a good way).

Now we can understand (clearly/effectively) why at JURÍDIA we are focused on deciphering AI products and ideas to communicate to the/each hiring/contracting organization the detected/deciphered/clarified/obtained/effective knowledge on how to make a good AI (that is, on how to create/make a good AI product and/or -on- how to create/do a good AI idea; depending on what is involved in each legal deciphering service).

The following image summarizes/synthesis the above (this):