jurídia’s tip # 3

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

jurídia‘s founder – Legal AI Creations Deciphering Service

The following tip/good practice is a must-have to make a good/successful artificial intelligence (AI) product/idea:

“Connectivity must exist in an effective way regarding artificial intelligence. This means that there must exist the telecommunication experience (based on the Internet and/or any other telecommunication that must regarding each AI creation) that lets the AI creation involved to exist in a successful way according to the form in which the said AI exists based on the way in which it must exist to the extent of its operational elements (function). That telecommunication experience must-be ensured by the workers, providers, allies, and, in general, stakeholders/humans/persons (natural-physical persons and legal entities-organizations) involved regarding it. This shows the importance of having valid/effective/diligent/successful/excellent (digital -properly, in bits- and analog -properly, in atoms-) objects/elements, logistics, infrastructure, resources, and, in general, forms (of existence) regarding AI. Since it is the way to make AI feasible/viable. Tailored to each situation/context/case related to the said/each AI.

This is why it is about the diligent/valid/effective/successful/excellent organization. Facing AI. As it is the way to make good/effective/successful AI”.

For instance, this is necessary for the continuity of the service based on artificial intelligence (that is, the service based on an AI -creation-).

Note: at jurídia, we specify/clarify/decipher/explain/detect how rights and duties can be effective tailored to each AI creation (product/idea) involved.