Live online JURÍDIA course on (called, known as) “Electronic Commerce”

Live online JURÍDIA course

About (called, known as) Electronic Commerce


Agenda: 1) On the universal (global, worldwide) legal basis (that is, on the form of existence, including: on the form of application, including: on the form of compliance, of the law); 2) On the application of law in (the so called) electronic commerce; 3) On the legal rights and duties of the commercial enterprise and the consumer in electronic commerce; 4) On legal self-regulation that is legally valid (that is, effective, that is, diligent) in electronic commerce; and 5) Carrying out a drill (that is, a simulacrum, a simulation) by the students in which they apply the course topics in a (legal) case that is invented (the professord gives feedback to the students during the drill when he considers it necessary).


Way of realization: via Google Meet.


Methodology: live explanations will be carried out (online, via Internet, through Google Meet) through slides, verbal expressions from the professor and answering questions. Commercial digital advertising is used (in relation to the way in which the law applies to it, that is, in relation to its legal effects, when it exists within a legal relationship) as an example (that is, as a pedagogical form ) to explain each topic.


Availability: anyone with access to an Internet browsing service with a Google user account located in any country can register.


Available places: 20 (the course will have a maximum of 20 students).


Duration (length): from November 22 to 26, 2021.


Hours (schedule): Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Toronto, Canada. It will not have interruptions since it is subject to the calendar of holidays in Toronto (Canada) and within the duration of the course there are no holidays.


Certification: each person who attends the entire course will receive a JURÍDIA certificate of attendance to the course in their e-mail account.


Professor: Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. Lawyer graduated from the Universidad del Rosario. Specialist (Master) in Law and Information Technologies and Specialist (Master) in Telecommunications Law, Universidad del Rosario. Master (LL.M.) in Commercial Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Thesis: Expert System for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce ©. Doctor (Ph.D.) in Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia (degree accredited for Canada by World Education Services, WES: certificate). Doctoral Thesis: The Preventive Law for the Legal Effectiveness of the Right to Receive Information that the Consumer has in relation to Digital Advertising ©. He did a Doctoral Research Stay at the Legal Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Author (creator) and Researcher of the Theory of Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising ©. Postdoctor in The Theory of Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising tailored to the Consumer Profile © at the Alma mater studiorum University of Bologna – Alma mater studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy, Europe). Scholar and International Lecturer (Speaker) on Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising. Jury for the First Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation organized by the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS). Founder of JURÍDIA – Center for Teaching and Research on Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising ( Languages: Spanish, English and Italian. In this Blog you can know some illustrative writings and videos of his theory: Blog. In this link you can see his books: Books.


Special price (for this version of the course) per person: three hundred (300) United States of America dollars (300 USD), (including Value Added Tax, VAT) per person (that is, per student).


Registration form (enrollment way): if you wish to register, please send us a message to indicating your name and later you will receive a payment order (via PayPal) in your e-mail account with a link for you to do so. Finally, you will receive a confirmation message of your registration in your e-mail account.

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