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Preventive Consumer Law in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Advertising

The business that communicates digital advertising must make that in this media (the digital media) there exists the enjoyment of the consumer’s rights (what this implies: it must make that the enjoyment of rights and the fulfilment of obligations of the consumer and the business exist, in relation to that advertising).
Thus, preventive law is proposed. To be the juridical form for (the existence of ) the legal effectiveness of the rights of the consumer facing the business advertising in electronic business (in other words: facing – in relation with – digital business advertising). 
This contextualization is based on three (3) points:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Explanation of the form of the law in digital business advertising;
  3. Recommendations of preventive law. Everything is focused
    on the collective construction of knowledge.

Therefore, each person that receives those messages will give feedback and to perfect all of the premises and conclusions of the doctrine (namely: of the theory of preventive consumer law in in digital advertising, created by the author of the book as a form to clarify the human action necessary to make the case digital business advertising, legally valid) that is transmitted. The objective of the contextualization is to raise awareness about the way in which the law is applied to the field of digital business advertising in electronic business and about the good practices of preventive law that must be implemented (custom to the case)
for its valid (effective) compliance (to which, according to the case, involving the creation and/or the diligent use of artificial intelligence).

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