Founder of JURIDAI – Teaching the general principles of law before AI

Ph.D. in Law (recognized in Canada) and Certified as a Postdoctoral in Law from the University of Bologna, Italy. He clarified the Principles of Law (in general and in relation to artificial intelligence, AI).

Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

In his words: “JURIDAI (JURIDical+AI) solves the problem of knowing how the effectiveness of rights and duties exists regarding artificial intelligence (AI)”.

Profile: Founder of JURIDAI (JURIDical+AI, teaching on the general principles of law regarding AI). He is certified as a Post-Doctor of Laws by the University of Bologna (Italy), Ph.D. in Law (recognized in Canada), LL.M. in Commercial Law, Master in Law and Information Technology, Master in Telecommunications Law, Lawyer, Researcher, Writer/Author, and Scholar in General Principles of Law regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). Author of several books on the General Principles of Law/Legal Foundations/Legal Validity/Legal Diligence/Compliance with the Law/Rights and Duties Effectiveness/Legally Valid Quality of Life. Jury of the First Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation organized by the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS). Decipherer of the general principles of law regarding AI.

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