Fundador de JURÍDIA, Academia de Filosofía del Derecho para abogados / Descifrador de la Filosofía del Derecho

Ph.D. in Law recognized in Canada and Certified as a Postdoctoral in Law from the University of Bologna, Italy. He Clarified the Foundations of Law (Legal Foundations).

Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

In his own words: “I am a postdoctoral, Ph.D., LL.M., master, lawyer, legal scholar, founder of APL (Academy of Philosophy of Law), a School that solves the problem of knowing how rights and duties effectiveness exist”.

Profile: a lawyer certified as a postdoc in law, Ph.D. in law, LL.M. in commercial law, master in law and information technology and in telecommunication law, and a -legal- scholar focused on legal foundations of law/philosophy of law, and founder of APL (Academy of Philosophy of Law). Author of several books on legal validity/foundations of law/philosophy of law. His work clarified/clarifies the (universal) legal validity criteria.

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