Definition of consumer in our theory of preventive consumer law in digital advertising

By: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora ©

Founder of JURÍDIA – Learning and Research Center for Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising



In our theory of preventive consumer law in digital advertising the consumer is a (specific) juridical (including: legal) profile —included: is, including: has, a juridical specific nature. And: the juridical nature, purpose and scope of her / his juridical profile is defined to the extent of the case, in the case and depending on the case—. It is the person (physical —natural— or moral —juridical—) that forms a (the) juridical relationship (extracontractual and / or contractual) —called: consumer relationship. Properly: Consumption relationship— with the (mercantile) company based on perceiving, acquiring and / or consuming some of its elements (of the elements of the —mercantile, commercial— company) and that does not know the market of that company. Therefore: it is the person who receives the offer (direct and / or indirect) of the company.


Then: (the) consumer is not only the one who consumes the products of the (one) company (mercantile —commercial—). It is any (all) person who forms (including: form) a consumer (properly: a consumption) relationship (properly: that forms a juridical, extracontractual and / or contractual relationship with the -—a— company —mercantile.Commercial— based on the purpose of, properly: based on, influence or try to influence the consumption decisions of that person). Therefore (depending on the case): the consumer of the —a— (mercantile —Commercial—) company is both the one that perceives its messages that influence or try to influence her / his consumer decisions and the one that acquires its products (goods and / or or services, as the case may be) as the one that consumes its products —therefore: the (one) person is a consumer when she / he is, including: when she / he has, including: when she / he is in, some or all of those profiles—. Because: with each one of those people (that is: with each of those juridical profiles) —the company— forms a (the) consumer (properly: a consumption) relationship.


Therefore: the company (mercantile —Commercial—) must be diligent in fulfilling its duties and enjoying its rights in a way that makes each consumer enjoy her / his rights and fulfill her / his duties in each consumer (properly: consumption) relationship in each juridical relationship that forms, included: form, with a, the, consumer (to the extent of the case, depending on the case and in the case).