What do we do?

We are focused on taking care of the/each contracting/hiring organization, it could be a private or public sector organization located anywhere!

We detect and indicate how to make good (that is, effective, successful) artificial intelligence products and/or ideas

We specify how rights and duties exist (apply) and can be effective regarding the/each AI product or idea involved

We are focused exclusively on this!


We give clarity

We are not an artificial intelligence (AI) product to decipher AI products or ideas but human beings knowledgeable about the law as a whole capable of legally deciphering AI products or ideas!

Benefit/Value/Result: time-saving and successful performance. We give clarity/knowledge/wisdom/uniqueness, we permit effectiveness. We indicate how the AI product or idea involved can be effective/successful/feasible/good, that is, how the AI product or idea can exist viably.

Through our vision/skills/knowledge/clarity/expertise/wisdom/uniqueness, we decipher the law (as a whole) to 1) know what is defined in its foundations as they indicate how rights and duties exist and be able to 2) decipher artificial intelligence (AI) products or ideas to 3) know how rights and duties exist (apply) and can be effective (that is, to know how the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties can exist) tailored to 4) each AI product or idea involved!

Definition of our legal artificial intelligence (AI) deciphering service: detection and communication (explanation) -that is, indication (properly, we clarify, we give clarity on)- how the AI involved can exist in a good way (can be good) thanks to (through) the detection and clarification of how rights and duties exist and can be effective to the extent of the/each involved AI.

Universality and High Optimization Note: the rights and duties are known through what is defined in the foundations of law (legal foundations) and, properly, in the law (understood) as a whole. This is why we do not use local or specific norms to do the legal deciphering of the AI product or idea involved but the clarification, expertise, understanding, vision, and, in general, the uniqueness that we have and apply tailored to each deciphering which results let the AI product or idea involved to be highly optimized once the contracting organization applies the deciphered knowledge.

Important reflection: It is not easy to know which rights and duties exist and when rights and duties start and end regarding artificial intelligence (AI) products/ideas, it is not obvious how to harmonize rights and duties facing AI, it is not easy to know how rights are enjoyed and duties are fulfilled tailored to AI, and, properly, it is not easy to know how rights and duties exist and can be effective regarding AI, we make it possible/easy/clear! We know/clarify the foundations of law (legal foundations) to the extent of AI! We decipher and explain how good AI exists!

We decipher/detect/explain/communicate/clarify how good/effective/valid/diligent/compliant artificial intelligence (AI) exists.

Our services decipher and communicate how to create/present/offer(commercially or non-commercially)/make available/provide/maintain/control/manage/use/make viable the/each AI involved product/idea in a good (valid, diligent, effective, optimum) way.

We offer/do legal deciphering regarding AI products/ideas to know how rights and duties exist (can exist) facing it (AI), for organizations / work teams.

We are a human service supported by technology to offer a product/service/solution to legally decipher artificial intelligence products/ideas, available worldwide.

Founded in 2008 by Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora, Ph.D. in Law, certified as a Postdoctoral in Law, Philosopher of Law, who clarified the form of legal validity regarding AI through his theory.

In his own words: “I am a postdoctoral, Ph.D., LL.M., master, lawyer, legal scholar, founder of JURÍDIA, and creator/author of the concept/service of artificial intelligence’s legal deciphering that solves the problem of knowing how rights and duties effectiveness exist facing artificial intelligence (AI) through its detection and explanation tailored to each AI”.

I developed the worldwide foundations of law (legal foundations) and the way to comply with them through legally valid self-regulation”.

We do not explain laws, we explain/clarify the legal foundations (the foundations of law). We explain/clarify the law (as a whole), facing AI! Regarding the/each AI product/idea involved!

With our legal deciphering service the contracting organization will know how to make good AI!

We are the solution to know how good AI exists! More than 15 years of experience

Your Public or Private Sector Organization Can Trust Us to Know How to Create Good AI Products or Ideas – Available Worldwide

Derecho - Jurídia

Legal certainty, validity, effectiveness! We give clarity. We simplify. We solve. Organizations evolve with us!

We turn complexity into simplification. We are legal rigor. We give clarity. We make AI legally viable. We provide/communicate legal wisdom. We promote good.

Our decipherer has a high-level (high-knowledge/high-training and experience/expertise) in this field and a passion for teaching it in a simple yet rigorous way!

We promote good -valid- AI (AI for good). We promote well-being. We promote (legal) diligence regarding AI.

We are creative. We are creators. We are innovators. We are unique.

We solve the problem about how to make good AI! We make Good AI “Easyable”/Clear. We are available worldwide.

Jurisprudence – Science of Law – Philosophy of Law – Theory of Law – Legal Foundations (Foundations of Law) – Legal Validity – Legal Certainty – Legal Effectiveness – Legal Diligence – Legal Compliance – Enjoyment of Rights and Fulfillment of Duties – High-Quality/Value/Level Law Deciphering Knowledge Education Clarification Feasibility Legal Services Regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). We Explain How to Make Each AI Involved Legally Compliant (Legally Compliant AI)!

Our founder

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

JURÍDIA's Founder

Ph.D. in Law and certified as a Post-Doctoral in Law, he clarified the form of the legal validity of artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Founder of JURÍDIA, Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora created the company with the intention of combining his two great passions, deciphering and well-being.

In order to spread his/our/the knowledge about how to achieve a better world.



How do we want to be known? What will be our legacy?


To be the leading company/academy in the clarification/simplification of how good artificial intelligence exists.


To improve the world through the deciphering/clarification of how the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties exist regarding artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify/clarify/explain how good AI exists.

“Easyability” (Making Good AI “Easyable”)

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We improve the organizations knowledge/we improve work teams