JURÍDIA – Academia de filosofía del derecho, para abogados

¿Qué hacemos?


Desciframos la filosofía del derecho

Aclaramos lo definido en la filosofía del derecho

Educamos Abogados y Equipos de Abogados sobre la Filosofía del Derecho

Explicamos la Filosofía del Derecho (es decir, el deber ser jurídico) Usando Ejemplos Relacionados con la Inteligencia Artificial (IA)

¡Perfeccionamos/Formamos Abogados/Equipos de Abogados en la Filosofía del Derecho (el fundamento del derecho, fundamento jurídico)!

Estamos registrados/inscritos en Toronto, Ontario, Canadá, Número de Identificación Empresarial: 1000258746.

Derecho - Jurídia

Legal certainty, legal validity! We give clarity. We simplify. We solve. Lawyers and Legal Teams evolve with us!


We teach to Lawyers and Legal Teams how Legal Effectiveness exists. We clarify to them how rights and duties exist. Lawyers and Legal Teams become Masters of Philosophy of Law with our academic/educational service and their compromise. We clarify the law. We clarify/explain/teach what is defined in the law as a whole. Lawyers and Legal Teams understand the Law with us. Lawyers and Legal Teams become human beings capable of knowing how compliance with the law exists and able to comply with the law thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) examples and the simulation based on a imaginary situation related to AI that we present during our training/course/teaching!

We are an/the Academy of Philosophy of Law! We are APL! We are Law!

Nuestro fundador

Prof. Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Prof. Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Fundador de JURÍDIA

Ph.D. in Law and certified as a Post-Doctoral in Law, he clarified/clarifies the Philosophy of Law (that is the Foundations of Law).

Founder of APL – Academy of Philosophy of Law, Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora created the company with the intention of combining his two great passions, teaching and well-being.

In order to spread his/our/the knowledge about how to achieve a better world.


Academy of Philosophy of Law – APL

How do we want to be known? What will be our legacy?


To be the leading company/academy in the deciphering/clarification/simplification of how Philosophy of Law exists.


To improve the world through the deciphering/clarification/explanation/teaching/simplification of how the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties exist.

– Wisdom/Excellence
– Clarity
– Simplification
– Well-being
– Easability (Making Philosophy of Law Easable)

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We improve the Lawyers and Legal Teams knowledge