Who are we?

JURÍDIA teaches on legal validity of artificial intelligence (AI); founded in 2008 by Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora, Ph.D. in Law, certified Postdoctoral in Law, who clarified the legal validity of artificial intelligence through his theory.

We do not compete with your private or public organization work team, we complement them. We do not complicate AI initiatives/projects/solutions, we facilitate them; we simplify the way to make them in an optimal way. We convert complexity into simplification. 

We make better AI products/experiences, we teach organizations to be effective, we optimize organizations. We make them agile, optimum.

We are available worldwide.

Derecho - Jurídia

A better world through our training

Technological progress has allowed us to discover new ways of teaching-learning-simplification, from JURÍDIA, we combine these technological opportunities with the knowledge we possess after an extensive professional career to teach and educate organizations.

Through the knowledge we transmit, we teach to live well and therefore, improve the world. We create a good culture.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, JURÍDIA is available to provide services both online and in-person.

We offer optimization services to optimize organizational artificial intelligence (AI). For its effectiveness, improvement, performance, optimization, success. Our service is an optimizer because everything related to it optimizes AI products/environments/contexts thanks to the knowledge we transmit so that the organizational AI exist in an effective (optimized) way. That is, in an optimal way.

We improve artificial intelligence (AI). We improve the world. Through good (legally valid) AI products. Through good human beings. We create-detect-teach good-best practices for AI solutions. 

Our founder

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora


Ph.D. in Law and certified Postdoctoral in Law, he clarified the form of good practices and the form of artificial intelligence (AI) legal validity.

Founder of JURÍDIA, Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora created the company with the intention of combining his two great passions, teaching and well-being.

All this in order to spread his knowledge about the good to achieve a better world.



How do we want to be known? What will be our legacy?


To be the world’s leading company in optimizing AI products effectiveness through legal validity good practices in-house training.


Improve the world through the correct application of good practices in AI products/environments, becoming a treasure of teaching and learning


Let’s solve together

Let’s improve your AI activities/products with our knowledge, let’s improve the world with Good Practices for AI Solutions