jurídia’s tip # 2

Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora

jurídia‘s founder – Legal AI Creations Deciphering Service

The following tip/good practice is a must-have to make a good/successful artificial intelligence (AI) product/idea:

“Good/effective artificial intelligence (AI) exists when there is clear information that bases its operation. This why clarity regarding the problems and solutions that are going to be attender through the respective AI is a must! That is the importance of (including, clear, complete, timely) information and, properly, of knowledge. Therefore:

  1. AI will not replace human being because it is created by the human being (it is a human being creation). But its Effectiveness depends on the diligence of the human being (of the humanity) that creates, maintains, controls, uses, and updates it.
  2. This is the importance of effective behavior regarding AI. To let the good to exist. Properly, to have an AI that creates/makes well-being (that lets/permits the well-being existence) according to its way of existence tailored to each situation linked to AI”.

For instance, this is necessary for the success of the AI‘s algorithms.

Note: at jurídia, we specify/clarify/decipher/explain/detect how rights and duties can be effective tailored to each AI creation (product/idea) involved.