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Your private or public sector organization work team will understand how is the legal validity of artificial intelligence. We explain/teach our Founder’s theory so that they know how the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties exist in artificial intelligence (AI).


  1. Clarification about how law apply in artificial intelligence.
  2. Legal validity of artificial intelligence in private sector (electronic commerce, work relations, providers and allies management, relationships between civil society members and domestic environment) and national, foreign and international context.
  3. Legal validity of artificial intelligence in public sector (human beings and organizations with – performing – public functions or related to them in some other way) and national, foreign and international context.
  4. Legal validity of artificial intelligence in automation.
  5. Legal validity of artificial intelligence projects management.
  6. Theorical exercise (role play – the trainer communicates feedback when necessary – ) about legal validity in metaverse tailored to what your organization does.

Trainer and author/creator of the training: Professor Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. Founder of JURÍDIA. Postdoctoral and Ph.D. in law. Magister in commercial law. Master in law and information technology. Master in telecommunication law. Lawyer. Writer. Researcher. Lecturer. Innovator. Author of the following: Books.

Price: 250 United States of America dollars (USD -American dollars-) each training hour (taxes included).

Length: There is no minimum or maximum number of hours. Your organization can hire a training of at least 1 hour and the maximum number of hours you need depending on the extent of the service you want to receive.

Special discount: If your organization hires 10 hour or more gets a 5% off discount.

Certificate: The business day after the end of the course we will send a certificate of attendance from JURÍDIA to your organization and to each member of the work team who has attended the training to your organization’s email account.

Course platform: The course is held on Google Meet (using the Internet).

Face-to-face (in-person) option: if you want to hire face-to-face (in-person) in-house training the price is 500 United States of America dollars (USD) per hour and your organization has to pay/assume all travel expenses. If you hire 10 or more hours you get the 5% off discount.

If you are interested in hiring our training please write to us at communication@juridia.co indicating your need, if you want it online or in-person and the number of hour you want to hire, in response we will send you the payment information. Once you pay we will coordinate the schedule.

JURÍDIA is registered in the Ontario Business Registry with the Business Identification Number 1000258746 of Toronto (Ontario), Canada.