The word and the law

By: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora ©

Founder of JURÍDIA – Learning and Research Center for Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising


The word communicates. Something. Its effect depends on the form in which it (the word) exists. The word met (the) law. The moment that it (the word) created it (the, law). Like a (as a) word (Law). The law (Law) communicates what must be fulfilled (done, attended, achieved, have) so that each person enjoys (of) her / his (juridical) rights and fulfills (with) her / his (juridical) duties. Word must attend the (to) Law. It (Word) tells it (Law): I will exist in a way in which what you communicate is fulfilled (in which it exists). For example, when someone makes (the, one, some, a), commercial, digital, advertising, she / he will do (make) it in a way in which whoever knows it (who knows, the, commercial, digital, advertising) enjoys her / his juridical rights and complies with her / his juridical duties. I (Word) mean: in a way in which both whoever sends and who receives the (commercial, digital, advertising) message (juridically) understands it. That is, (that) she / he knows it (that is, that each person knows it, the advertising) in a juridically effective way. I will not allow (an, the, existence of, the) antijuridical words. That is, I will not allow (the existence of) words other than (juridically) clear. I will only allow (the existence of) the juridical word. That is, (a) the word that makes juridical knowledge. That is, (a) the word that makes that (the) law is fulfilled. The word that complies with the law. The word that does (makes) that each one enjoys her / his (juridical) rights and fulfills her / his (juridical) duties in relation to it (that is, in relation to the commercial digital advertising). Law thanks it (thanks Word): thank you juridical word (juridically valid word, juridically effective word). For you there is (the) juridical (theoretical, practical, total, whole, effective) knowledge. Thanks to you they (people) can attend me (attend myself; attend my way, form, of existence; attend my being). Comply (with) me. Know me. Apply me. Enjoy me. Free me. Make me effective. Develop me. Thanks to you they can know and achieve (a) the form of, existence of, (juridically) freedom.

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