The “legal issue” of advertising in electronic commerce

By: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora ©

Founder of JURÍDIA – Learning and Research Center for Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising


Advertising in electronic commerce (i.e., commercial digital advertising and, in general, commercial advertising existing in an electronic form, of existence) generates (has, creates, does, produces) a legal effect on the (each, the whole of) the legal relationship (i.e., the relationship between human beings in which legal rights and duties exist) in (relation to) which exists.


Therefore, the law form of application in relation to commercial digital advertising must be known and attended to.


Therefore, it is necessary to know and attend to the law form of the existence (origin, manifestation, expression, delimitation, communication) in relation to the form of the existence of the advertising piece, the form of the operation, the form of the communication and the form of the attention (of the whole, of the form, of the existence, of the, legal effect) of advertising in electronic commerce.


Advertising in e-commerce must exist in a legally valid way. It must be legally valid. It must make (create, achieve, generate, provide) legal effectiveness. It must be legal effectiveness. It must be a form (of existence) in relation to which there exists the enjoyment of (all) legal rights and the fulfillment of (all) legal duties (in relation to, the form of, the existence of, the, each, the whole of the, legal relationship in, relation to, which exists).


That is the “legal issue” of advertising in electronic commerce (i.e., of commercial digital advertising and, in general, of the commercial advertising of the, commercial, enterprise, which exists, whose advertising being exists, in one electronic form, of existence). Being the (legally) good thing. That is, the legally valid way of existence (the necessary, the effective, the safe, the kind, the virtuous, the beneficial, the effective, way of existence for the legal validity, way of, existence).


Therefore, advertising in electronic commerce can be legally valid or invalid and, according to the law, (it, the commercial digital advertising, always) must be legally valid (always, must exist, in a legally valid, that is, in a legally effective, that is, in a, legally, good, way, of existence).

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