Juan Carlos Villalba Cuéllar

profeesor juridia tic

Lawyer of the Military University Nueva Granada

Professor and researcher

Master in French, European and International Business Law, University of Paris II and Institute of Comparative Law of Paris. University Teaching Specialist. Candidate for a Doctor in Private Law of the Panthéon Sorbonne University Paris I.


Expert in Business Law and Consumer Protection. With Experience of more than 12 Years in the Exercise of Civil and Commercial Law. Experience of more than 9 years in University Teaching and Private Law Research. Former Postgraduate Director of the Faculty of Law of the New Granada Military University.


Professor of Consumer Law in colombian Postgraduate Studies at the University of La Sabana, Universidad del Norte, Universidad Santo Tomás de Bogotá D.C. and Tunja, Sergio Arboleda University, Free University, Grancolombiano Polytechnic. Tratadist and Lecturer in Consumer Law. Director of the League of Consumers of Bogotá D.C. WITH-SUMMA.


Languages: spanish and french.