Elker Buitrago López

profeesor juridia tic

Lawyer from the University of Santo Tomás (USTA) – Journalist from the University of America (FUA)

Professor and researcher

Specialized in Administrative Law of the U. Santo Tomás, specialized in Senior Management of the Andean University.


Specialist in the subject of Communications Law, where advertising is located. With experience of more than forty years in the exercise of the subject of Communications, representative of Colombia in national and international events on these issues. Former Director of Journalism of Inpahu, former official of the Ministry of Communications, President of the Circle of Journalists of Bogotá, Honorary Member of the Bar Association of Telecommunications Specialists, former Professor of the majority of colombian Social Communication (pregraduate and graduate) faculties in the field of Legislation of the Communications and Advertising (Externado, Javeriana, Uniboyacá, Norte, among others). Decorations granted by the Council of Bogotá, the House of Representatives, among others, for their investigations in the legal regime of communications. Permanent Consultant in this Right.


Author of several books on the subject, such as Communications Law, 4th. edition; Intellectual Law, 2nd. edition, Advertising Law, 2nd edition; Information Law in Latin America; Journalism and its Legal Regime; Social Media Legislation in Colombia, 2nd edition, among others.


Languages: spanish and english.