In compliance with the legal norms of public order of the Republic of Colombia and the other countries where the JURÍDIA, JURÍDIA S.A.S platform is present. (as owner of the JURÍDIA platform) informs you that by signing this form, you authorize JURÍDIA S.AS, as Responsible for the Treatment, to perform the following operations regarding the personal data you are supplying (either in your own name or as legal representative of the minors under his charge, representing in the latter case such special holders of personal data): collection, storage, organization, consolidation, processing, updating, rectification, circulation, transmission, transfer, use and deletion with in order to allow the proper functionality of your user account on the JURÍDIA platform as well as for the company JURÍDIA S.A.S. relate to the commercial and customer service level with you. The validity of these treatments will be equal to the period in which the purpose or purposes of the respective treatment is maintained, or the period of validity that indicates a specific legal, contractual or jurisprudential cause.

As the Holder of the personal data that you are supplying (or as legal representative of the minors in your charge, representing in this case these special holders of personal data), You will have the rights of knowledge, access, rectification, update, revocation of the authorization and deletion of non-public personal data that will be treated.

JURÍDIA S.A.S. informs you that it has a Personal Data Processing Policy that indicates the general guidelines for the processing of personal data. This Policy is available at

YOU CAN EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS BY FILING A CONSULTATION OR CLAIM BEFORE: The Customer Service Area of JURÍDIA S.A.S. in the address Carrera 50 # 104 B - 77, office 503 Bogotá D.C., Republic of Colombia. Through the email account:

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