El deber de comunicación en la publicidad digital empresarial

This book arises from the need to make the consumer understand the nature, content and scope (legal) of digital advertising communicated by the commercial company (commercial). Therefore, it creates a legal duty. The duty of communication. The legal form that makes the consumer validly (legally) receive, perceive and understand the (each) business digital advertising. Making a valid language agreement exist between the company and the consumer in relation to that advertisement. Agreement that exists when there is the enjoyment of the rights and the fulfillment of the applicable duties (proceeding) in the time and space of the way in which the (each) advertising is communicated.

Its (structural) foundation focuses on business digital advertising, but it is applicable in any case in which there is a communication.

Its purpose is to contribute to the quality of life of human beings and their environment through the existence of validity, effectiveness and legal security in communication (of business digital advertising).

Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. Lawyer. Specialist (Master) in Law and Information Technologies. Specialist (Master) in Telecommunications Law. Master (LL.M.) in Commercial Law. Doctor (Ph.D.) in Law. Creator of the Theory of Preventive Law of Consumer in Digital Advertising. Investigator. Doctrinating. Lecturer. Founder of JURÍDIA – Center for Teaching and Research on Consumer Preventive Law in Digital Advertising (www.juridia.co). Contact: gerencia@juridia.co.



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