Definition of legal (juridical) qualification in our theory

By: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora ©

Founder of JURÍDIA – Learning and Research Center for Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising


In our theory of preventive consumer law in digital advertising (the) legal qualification means the definition (including: knowledge —including: detection—) of the legal form (condition) of (of a) being (of being that is graded).


For this reason (the legal qualification): it is the action necessary to know (included: define —including: detect—) the way in which the (being of) law applies to (a) being (to the extent of being of that being — to the measure of that being. To the measure of being—). Since (the legal qualification): is the way to define (included: to detect) the condition (that is: the nature —included: the object and the scope—) legal (legal) of (of a) being —included: to define the way in which the law applies to him, the form of the current condition of his being in relation to the way in which the law applies to him and the way in which he complies with the way in which the law applies to him—.


Properly: legal qualification is the way of knowing the legal (legal) form (including: the background) of (of a) being (of —of a— being governed by law) —and (allows knowing) the legal form that It must be the (that) being to be valid (legally) -. Then: the legal qualification allows knowing (having — achieving. Obtaining. Doing. Creating— clarity about —about. Of—) the legal condition (current —of the present time and space—) of the being (involved —of the being that is , the, object of the, that, qualification—) and the legal condition that it must have (which must be —that it must exist in its being—) to be (so that it is —to exist as a being—) valid (legally ) That is to say: the legal qualification defines the legal duty of the (of each —of everything—) to be (governed by law).


So: one must be diligent (legally) as it is the (legal) form of legally qualifying (that is, of knowing the legal form) of (of one —of each. Of all—) being —ruled (governed) by (related with) the (subject to) law— and (the —legal— form of) attending to that form (self-regulating —validly, legally— the form of —of that. Of each. Of every being. Of every being related to the law. Of every being that does, does, part of the field of application, of action, of the law—) to make the (that each —that everything—) be valid —juridically— to the being (by existing) of the (one) form that coincides (coincides) with the form of (with the form in which you apply —proceed. Apply. Proceed— the) right (to the measure of —of your— being) —in the (each) case, according to the case and to the measure of the case.


What makes it necessary to be diligent (juridically, including: legally) in foreseeing and making the (each —all—) being (subject to the law) coincide with the legal (properly, juridical) duty that is defined (derived —detected—) with the (its) legal (properly, juridial) qualification. Because: being valid (juridically, including: legally) is that which coincides with the duty to be legal (and that duty to be legal, properly: to be juridically valid, is) defined by (based on —through—) its legal (properly, juridical) qualification (condition).

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