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It is available to anyone who hires it.


People who make, hire or control business digital advertising or who promote its (legal) validity.

The course does not focus on legislation (in general, it does not focus on a legal system). It explains the (universal) legal basis of the (on the) subject (that is, of, about, the way of making business digital advertising with legal validity, that is, complying with the law). Therefore, anyone interested (in the subject) can do it (take it).


Online (taught on the JURÍDIA digital platform. The student needs to have an Internet access service and create a user account on the platform and access it to take the course).

The course is active for a minimum time of 3 months counted from (from) the license to use the digital platform of JURÍDIA is acquired to take the course and (after that minimum time) for (all) time (and the space) in which the digital platform of JURÍDIA exists to take the course.

 Addressed to:

All persons internally or externally linked to the organization (private or public) that make, contract or control corporate digital advertising or that promote its validity (legal).

 Geographic availability:

It can be done anywhere in the world.

 Course language:

Spanish with english subtitle.


To explain to the student the theory of preventive consumer law in (commercial) digital advertising so that she / he become aware of and be trained about our culture of preventive law when she / he make, contract or control corporate digital advertising or when she / he promotes its (legal) validity.


The theory of preventive law in (commercial) digital advertising means that each business digital advertising (legally) valid if its variables and (legal) rules are detected and accomplished in its way of creation, operation, communication and attention and if preventive law (self-regulation) solutions are designed that make each variable and advertising as a whole harmonious with the (legal) norms (rules) that apply to it. This will allow the student to make or contract (hire) valid (legally) commercial digital advertising or control and / or promote the (legal) validity of corporate digital advertising, if she / he applies the knowledge acquired in the course to the extent of each advertising.


Systematic communication of verbal messages, texts and images about the theory through prerecorded video lessons carried out by the course professor.


1) Theory of preventive consumer law in digital advertising (introduction, definitions and explanation).

2) Theory in creating business digital advertising (introduction, foundations and premises for action).

3) Theory in how business digital advertising works (introduction, foundations and premises for action).

4) Theory in communication of business digital advertising (introduction, foundations and premises for action).

5) Theory in attention (attention to effects) of business digital advertising (introduction, rationale and premises for action).

6) Processing of consumer personal data in theory (introduction, rationale and premises for action).

7) Duty of communication in theory (introduction, foundations and premises of action).

8) Language agreement in theory (introduction, foundations and premises of action).

9) Artificial intelligence in theory (introduction, foundations and premises for action).

10) Feedback through a specific explanation of theory.

Presentation of each lesson’s content:

Before the beginning of each lesson its description is communicated and in its video the professor indicates the agenda with which it is developed.

Course creator:

Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. Lawyer. Specialist in Law and Information Technology. Specialist in Telecommunications Law. Master in Commercial Law. Ph.D. in Law. Postdoc in Law. Professor. Writer. Researcher. Speaker (Lecturer). Creator/Author of the Theory of Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising. Jury for the First Global Awards for Effective Self-Regulation of Advertising (Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation) Organized by the International Advertising Self-Regulation Council (the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, ICAS). Founder of JURÍDIA: Wordlwide teaching enterprise about legal validity (www.juridia.co).

Processing of the student’s personal data:

The processing of the student’s personal data is made so that she / he could use the JURÍDIA’s digital platform (in the functions that exist for her / his profile), take the course and for making her / his attendance and course approval certificate (once she / he approves the course’s questionnaires, Each lesson has a questionnaire that must be answered at the end of each video lesson).


Before starting the video of the lesson, the student can download and use the memories (made with the Microsoft Word tool. Delivered in PDF format —.pdf—) under a personal use license for educational purposes.


When the student passes the course questionnaires, she / he obtains a certificate of approval that she / he can download in her / his user account from the digital platform of JURÍDIA.

 Duration and schedule:

Each lesson has a different duration (length), but (at least) lasts 28 minutes.


20 United States of America dollars (subject to the exchange rate applied by your means of payment).

 Method of payment:

Through (the payment function of the digital platform) PayPal or PayU.

Professor who teaches the course:

Professor: Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora
profeesor juridia tic

Price: $ 20 USD

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