It is taught directly to the organization that hires it.


Organizations that make, hire or control digital business advertising or that promote its validity.


Face-to-face (taught at the contracting organization, logistics must be assumed by the organization) or Online (via Google Meet).

Addressed to:

All persons linked internally or externally with the organization that makes, contracts or controls digital business advertising or promotes its validity.

Geographic availability:

It can be hired from and / or anywhere in the world.

Conference Language:

It can be taught in Spanish or English.


Explain the theory to the assistants so that they are sensitized of our culture of preventive law in the attention (attention of the effects, extra-contractual and / or contractual) of the publicity when they do, hire or control digital business advertising or when they promote its validity.


The theory is to make every business digital advertising valid if its applicable variables and norms are detected in its creation, operation, communication and attention (attention to its effects) and if preventive law solutions are designed that make each variable and the advertising as a whole is harmonious with the rules that apply to it. What will allow your organization to make or contract the attention (attention to the effects, extra-contractual and / or contractual) of a valid digital advertising, or control and / or promote the validity of the attention of the digital business advertising, if you apply the knowledge acquired at the conference tailored to each advertisement.


Systematic communication of verbal messages, texts, images, graphics and videos about the theory, continuous feedback, attention to questions and collective construction of knowledge.


Introduction, development and conclusions.

Conference creator:

Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. Lawyer. Specialist in Law and Information Technology. Specialist in Telecommunications Law. Master in Commercial Law. Ph.D. in Law. Teacher. Writer. Investigator. Creator of the Theory of Preventive Consumer Law in Digital Advertising. Jury of the First Global Awards for Effective Self-Regulation of Advertising (Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation) Organized by the International Advertising Self-Regulation Council (the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, ICAS). Founder of JURÍDIA: Center for Teaching and Research on Consumer Preventive Law in Digital Advertising (

Attendance indication:

Before starting the conference, the organization will send to JURÍDIA (to your email account) a list with the name, the main function in the organization or for the organization and the email account of each person who will attend (this information they will be used to know the names and functional profiles of the attendees, send them the reports of the conference and make their certificate of attendance. Once these purposes are fulfilled JURÍDIA will delete those data).


Before starting the conference, the organization, and each attendee, will obtain the conference program -in english- (the program is made with the Microsoft Word tool and delivered in PDF format —.pdf—) and the conference presentation (the presentation is made with the Microsoft PowerPoint program and delivered in PDF format —.pdf—), under a license for educational purposes, in your email account (the data of the email account of each attendee will only be used for this end).


On the day the conference is held, after its completion, JURÍDIA will give the organization a printed or digital certificate (depending on the contracted modality) on the conduct of the conference and to each person who attends all the modules a printed certificate or digital (depending on the contracted modality) of attendance and approval of the conference.

Duration and schedule:

It depends on the scope requested by the organization according to your needs.


It depends on the scope requested by the organization according to your needs.

Payment method:

Through (the payment function of the digital platform) PayPal (except for Colombian students who pay from their PayPal user accounts related to Colombia, since it does not work because it is a purchase from a Colombian company) or PayU / When the product is contracted for the face-to-face modality the form of payment is indicated in the proposal that is sent to the client (or potential client).

Professors who teach this conference:

(in each proposal the professor or group of professors who will teach the conference is indicated):

Professor: Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora
profeesor juridia tic

Professor: Daniel López Carballo

Professor: Alonso Hurtado

Professor: Juan Carlos Guerrero


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