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Useful course to manage e-commerce with validity, security and efficiency



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This multidisciplinary course is available for students worldwide. It is directed to lawyers and non-lawyers.


The overall goal of this course is that the student will know the universal juridical theory of validity in the field of e-commerce (there are used certain rules of some countries as a reference to convey the universal theory applicable to all democratic Rule of Law) and get recommendations of preventive law to meet it with security, efficiency and effectiveness.


All course material is web-based. It is developed through pre-recorded video lessons in which thematic slides are presented (with texts and graphs), analyzing relevant variables, providing continuous feedback, presenting strategic and innovative recommendations and generating collective knowledge construction. At the end of each lesson the student must approve a questionnaire (elaborated by the founder of JURÍDIA), which purpose is to provide feedback knowledge and ensure learning.


Understand legal variables of the topics addressed in each lesson.


The student can download the presentation of every lesson in .pdf format, under a personal and non-transferable license for educational purposes. The student can view videos of each lesson in JURÍDIA platform, under a personal and non-transferable license for educational purposes and they may not be downloaded.

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 Form of consumption:

Buy and enjoy online (everything is automated). You can study at any time and as often as desired it; You can even study, without paying an additional fee, the new lessons that will be included in the course -provided that JURÍDIA platform is operating. It only requires Internet access. For an adequate user experience is suggested to use a comfortable screen and an audio system that ensures its concentration. To start the course you must enter with your user account and press the rectangle Lesson # 1 located at the bottom.


Students who pass all the questionnaires of the course will receive our certificate, downloadable in .pdf format inside the My Profile link in the My Certificates option. The certificate is issued with the exact name that the user indicates when registering on the JURÍDIA platform.


It is about multiple-choice questions whose purpose is to feedback the main knowledge of each lesson. They are designed by our Founder Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora.

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Each lesson consists of the following structure: i) Introduction; II) Universal juridical theory; and (iii) Preventive law recommendations.

 Duration of each lesson:

At least 60 minutes.


There is no limited number of students.


Senior, high trained and experienced in law for information and communication technology (ICT). You can view the individual profiles by pressing on the respective photography within the Lessons title located at the bottom.

Important notice:

For an adequate user experience, make sure that your computer has no restrictions when you go to do the course.




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Price: $10 US dollars ($10 USD)