Course on Philosophy of Law, for Lawyers

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Course on Philosophy of Law

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March 18 to Abril 2, 2024, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Toronto/New York City (NYC) time

From Monday to Thursday

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We offer this online course on Philosophy of Law using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Examples to explain it!

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Course For Lawyers on Foundations of Law

Motivation: Lawyers will learn how the Philosophy of Law exists using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Examples to explain its elements/foundations/characteristics. The course deciphers the Philosophy of Law.

Through an explanation of the main topics and the application/feedback/strengthening of the said knowledge to the extent of a simulation of an imaginary situation related to artificial intelligence (AI).

The course explains the universal foundations of law (legal foundations). Lawyers will clarify/understand/master the foundations of law (of the law as a whole). This knowledge allows Lawyers to understand how rights and duties exist (that is, allows them to understand the form of rights and duties) and how they can be exercised/applied/fulfilled effectively.

Methodology: presentation of verbal and written messages, reproduction of videos to explain/illustrate/clarify topics/elements/variables/particularities/phenomena, reflections on the concepts/criteria/foundations, conducting discussions with attendees, answering questions, ongoing feedback/correlation/harmonization (of concepts/topics/fundamentals), and carrying out a Simulation on an imaginary situation related to artificial intelligence (AI) to apply the Philosophy of Law.

During the simulation Lawyers will fill an APL’s AI legal deciphering results table ©, showing on it the results of the course.

APL’s legal deciphering results table © which will be filled by the Lawyers during the course is based on the following:

  1. The rights and duties that must be effective.
  2. The way to define how those rights and duties can be effective.

Professor: Dr. Camilo Alfonso Escobar Mora. APL’s founder. A postdoctoral in law, Ph.D. in law, LL.M. in commercial law, master in law and information technology, master in telecommunications law, lawyer, researcher, writer, and international scholar regarding Philosophy of Law (Foundations of Law). Author of Several Books on Universal Legal Foundations/Law. Jury of the First Global Awards for Effective Advertising Self-Regulation Organized by the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS). Recognized as Ph.D. in Law in Canada: certificate. Decipherer of the philosophy of law.


  • Introduction to the foundations of law -legal foundations- (what means the law -as a whole-, application of law -understanding of what is defined in the law and how to fulfill it, that is compliance with the law-, the form of existence of rights and duties and their effectiveness).
  • Legal Foundations regarding the individual (freedom, consent, behavior, possibilities, limits, valid self-regulation).
  • Legal Foundations regarding the collective (legal relationships, validity of contractual and extracontractual relationships).
  • Legal Foundations regarding the private sector.
  • Legal Foundations regarding the public sector.
  • Questions-and-Answers (Q&A).
  • Carrying out a Simulation by The Lawyers to apply the Philosophy of Law in an imaginary situation related to artificial intelligence (AI). The Professor gives feedback when necessary.

Material which is given to the attendees: .pdf memories of the course’s presentation/development slides.

Certificate/certification: there will be sent an Attendance Certificate (through their email accounts) to the lawyers who attended all the sessions.

Price per lawyer: 300.00 USD (United States of America Dollars) taxes included.

Limited spots: maximum 200 attendees.

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